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Growing healthy, high-quality plants in a consistent environment is the goal for many growers of plants such as lettuce, tomatoes, berries, herbs, and other vegetables. Many growers also use greenhouses to establish young, healthy plants before transplanting outside.

Greenhouse heating allows you to control your growing environment, extend the growing season, maintain high quality, reduce loss due to disease, and increase yields.  Our greenhouse growing expertise includes:

  • Hot water radiant heat systems, design, and components
  • Complete irrigation and water management systems
  • Turnkey vegetable growing system with structure, heating and planters
  • Installation supervision or optional installation

Advantages of Hot Water Radiant Heat

Hot water (hydronic) heat delivers heat right to the plant, under bench or in the greenhouse floor, plus these advantages:

  • Controlled growing environment
  • Increased yields
  • Accelerated rooting and plant growth
  • Reduced disease and improved plant quality
  • Up to 40% fuel efficiency savings over conventional forced air heating
  • Flexibility to heat by zone, plus soil and plant temperature control


“We chose to spend the money up front for the Fusion condensing (boiler) technology, which offers higher efficiency.  It was easy to calculate what we would save in natural gas and it was a no-brainer to justify spending a little more because we could see payback would be less than five years.”

— Matt Goff, Operations & Maintenance Manager,
Gritt’s Midway Greenhouse, Red House, WV

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Matt Goff


Agricultural Heating Solutions

Once we analyze your operations, Delta T engineers will recommend which components are best for you.  These systems may include in-ground or under bench systems to deliver heat directly to plant roots. Heating packages may include:

 We manufacture our own components and partner with leading heating source suppliers to create customized systems that may include a boiler, direct contact heat, indirect contact heat, heat exchangers, supplemental heat and piping.

Learn more about these products:

Do you know how much heat is needed for your greenhouse?  Our heat loss calculator can determine how much heat is being lost on a per-house basis.


Water Management in Agricultural Greenhouses

Increased regulations governing agricultural water runoff, plus nutrient input costs have made it critical to manage a water system efficiently and effectively.  Delta T’s customized systems will deliver clean water in the most effective way.  We will make sure your recycled water is clean, disease-free and of optimum quality for your crops. 

Learn more about customized water systems here.

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Turnkey Vegetable Growing System

The GroExx® Green TunnelTM Growing System includes three components for high-yield vegetable growing:

  • Delta T SolutionsTM hydronic heating system
  • Golden PacificTM greenhouse structure
  • GardenSoxx® bio-based growing planters

This complete turnkey package requires less input to produce healthier, productive output – comparing favorably to plastic pots or hydroponics. 

Advantages of this package include:

  • Structures with superior strength square tube design, tall peak heights and easy-to-build design.
  • Hot water heating with sturdy, flexible tubing for quick installation, providing maximum soil and plant temperature control and multiple temperature zones for different crops.
  • Portable mesh planters with organic compost for healthy growth, high yield, tighter plant spacing.

Read more about the complete GroExx® package here.


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