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Our Process

It's easy to find out how you can save energy costs when you upgrade your commercial greenhouse heating system or car wash heating system. Our process is focused on understanding your needs, your budget, and your timing.

You can ask for a proposal directly by clicking here, or contact us by telephone (800-552-5058) or email We will contact you to learn about your current greenhouse growing area and dimensions, crop schedule, greenhouse heating systems used, weather characteristics, fuel use, control systems, preferences, and more. This information allows us to run complex energy-use calculations and create a heat loss profile for your current greenhouse operation.

We will then engineer a customized greenhouse heating system based on your growing operation, which will be focused on maximizing heat delivery and fuel efficiency. We will recommend specific components in a complete greenhouse heating system that will give you the most bang for your buck, while enhancing the growth of your crops.

Greenhouse Heating Installation
& Startup Services

We can also install and oversee startup of your greenhouse heating system to ensure it is operating to its maximum capabilities. We can supervise installation, do it ourselves, work with you, or recommend a network of professional greenhouse heating installation specialists.

We will deliver your commercial greenhouse heating system complete with a detailed installation package and instruction manual that includes drawings, operation and maintenance instructions, and other documents needed to make your system perform as designed.

Our start-up services include an evaluation of the total greenhouse heating system, plus all necessary system maintenance and adjustments. We can do this when we install the system or at the start of the heating season.

Want to know more? Find out how you can save precious energy dollars by using our heat loss calculator here.

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