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Brad Wolf“We can water a lot of plants with very little labor, and we can change our spacing pattern on the floor without being limited by traditional irrigation tubes,” says Brad Wolf of his second Delta T flood irrigation system. “It lets us flood the floor with water, and whatever isn’t taken up by the plants gets returned to our storage tank and gets back out on the floor in the next sections of crops. Sometimes you run into things when you’re building something you hadn’t anticipated, so we have to make changes in the design. With Delta T, we always have a good, clear, open, back-and-forth communication trying to get the best solution.”
— Brad Wolf, President, Green Valley Greenhouse, Ramsey, MN



John Urbanowicz“I had seen a lot of greenhouse operations and I knew what I wanted. I worked with Delta T, which helped me figure out what we needed to fit our size and growing zones.  We added thin pipe under benches, then heat retention curtains, then in-floor heating.  The natural gas boiler controls four different zones covering 30,000 square feet….Our plants are healthier and we could speed up our crop times by as much as three weeks. Compared to the costs of forced air, we’re now saving between 40% and 50% on our heating costs.”
— John Urbanowicz, Owner, Urban Growers, Burton, OH




Howard Prussack“I had some experience using hot water, bench-top heating (for my organic crops) so I wanted to use that system in the new greenhouse.  Delta T designed a system around our operation.  Now, we can shut off heat to various benches, or just heat some of them.  Instead of heating the whole house, we can heat individual benches.  The hot water heat also has really improved the quality of our plants. In mid-winter, the house is dry and warm, and the plants love it. The leaves are dry and the roots stay warm.  Even though we added a new greenhouse, we’re still saving nearly $5,000 in energy costs.  When you’re planning a new heating system, look beyond the first year’s payback and think long-term.  A hot-water system will cost you more initially, but it will give you payback within a few years and also improve your environment.”
— Howard Prussack, Owner, High Meadows Farm, Putney, VT



Grace Dinsdale“We’re always looking for more efficient systems, and Delta T sells one of the most efficient heat delivery systems that you can find — under the root zone hot water heating.  We’ve always enjoyed dealing with Delta T and have taken advantage of Russ Zabel’s expertise and sharp troubleshooting skills over the years in designing new systems and in repairing old ones.”
— Grace Dinsdale, Owner, Blooming Nursery Inc., Cornelius, OR




Matt Goff“We chose to spend the money up front for the Fusion condensing (boiler) technology, which offers higher efficiency.  It was easy to calculate what we would save in natural gas and it was a no-brainer to justify spending a little more because we could see payback would be less than five years.”

— Matt Goff, Operations & Maintenance Manager, Gritt’s Midway Greenhouse, Red House, WV





Pam Snodgrass“I knew I would grow a better crop and that it would be energy efficient, but I didn’t realize how much better of a crop it would be (after using Delta T’s LD ground rubber tube heating system).  Plants don’t seem to stretch as much because they are getting heat from the roots, which form faster and better, making a sturdier plant on top…We have (the greenhouse) zoned so if we only have a crop in one zone, we only have heat there and don’t have to heat the whole house. We zone it off, curtain it off, and can have a mix of different crops in there with different climate needs too.”
— Pam Snodgrass, President, P&D Nursery, Tualatin, OR



Preston Cox“The Delta T Solutions staff was very professional, helpful and competitive in their pricing. The system they designed and supplied for us has worked perfect for us. We are happy to be using Delta T Solutions’ boiler heating system for our new propagation greenhouse and it’s about as efficient as it gets.”
— Preston Cox, owner/manager, Perennial Favorites Nursery, Layton, UT





hydronic heating“Over the years since I started this business, I always knew hot water heat was better.  I started out with forced air and as I expanded, converted over to hydronic heating.  It’s very efficient and results in better crops…With hydronic, it’s always warmer.  The systems don’t break down and we have seen significant energy savings and overall cost savings.”
— Eric Nelson, Owner, Neosho Gardens, Council Grove, KS




Greenhouse hydroponics“We’re very pleased with the Delta T Solutions heating system. The RBI boiler is a 4-stage and has the ability to run quietly in the corner, but on cold nights, it really kicks in! Mahoney’s installed .177-inch EPDM tubes from Delta T. The evenness of the rooting is excellent – we don’t get dead strips down the middle of the trays like I have experienced with other hot water systems. This growing season, we’ve gained one week from stick to plant with the new system and we can turn more plugs. That’s really what this business is all about! The Delta T system is well designed, easy to install, and the technical support is always available and responsive.”
— Dan Cousins, Propagation Manager, Mahoney’s Growing Division, Mahoney’s Rocky Ledge Farm, Woburn, MA


“The Delta T Solutions zone heating system is incredible. The product we installed consists of 3/16 diameter rubber tubes that we lay on the bench every two inches. We maintain a 72-degree temperature plant zone in a 60-degree greenhouse, so having a system that works as well as the Delta T system works is crucial. The system places the heat right on the root zone. In the two months since we installed it at one of our De Jong Greenhouses locations, we’ve run 350,000 plugs through it and its performance has been wonderful. It’s nice to finally get great products and service, which is what we get from Delta T.”
— Theo Van Den Broek, Production Management, De Jong Greenhouses, Pella, IA

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