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Maximize your car wash operation’s efficiency with Delta T Solutions’ underground hydronic heating systems and packaged hot water systems. In addition to improved efficiency, you’ll see better performance, resulting in increased business, as well as lower operating costs. Installation costs are low, and corrosion-free packaged systems offer fast payback.

You’ll also get the ultimate in fuel efficiency with the Infinite Energy 2 (IE2) condensing boiler, which uses a radial variable circulation stainless steel heat exchanger that allows for up to 98% efficiency. Our DeltaMelt™ heating and DeltaPac™ water management solutions use the IE2 boiler to ensure your operation runs as efficiently as possible.

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Car Wash Heating Systems

car washDeltaMelt™ Apron and Floor Heating Systems

The DeltaMelt underground heating system will turn bad winter weather into big winter business. DeltaMelt does away with snow and ice with a grid of cross-link polyethylene (PEX) tubing installed in the concrete floor of the car wash. It circulates an antifreeze solution that uses a minimum amount of energy to economically melt snow and ice. DeltaMelt™ comes with a 20-year warranty on tubing.  These radiant, underground hydronic heating systems are completely tailored to your operation.

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Sun Star Infrared Gas Heat for Car WashesSunStar® Infrared Gas Heat

Infrared tube heaters and ceramic infrared heaters are ideal for complete building heat or spot heating and are designed to meet your needs. 

Infrared heaters heat like the sun by transferring radiant energy directly into the area requiring heat. This energy is absorbed by concrete floors and other objects and re-radiated to heat the surrounding area, creating a warm comfort zone at floor level. Maintain an ice-free entrance while keeping your customers warm and comfortable with this extremely efficient heating method.

SGM Infrared Heaters

SPS & SPU Infrared Heaters 



Car Wash Water Management Systems

DeltaPacDeltaPac™ Packaged Hot Water Systems and Boilers

Maximize your winter car wash business and enhance car wash chemical performance in winter weather with DeltaPac packaged hot water systems and boilers. Available for use in both conveyor in-bay and self-serve car washes, DeltaPac gives car wash chemicals a winter boost. Studies have found that a pre-soak heater ensures the best car wash. Heating the pre-soak chemical provides optimal performance, breaking down dirt and grime prior to the high-pressure wash. Heating water for the reverse osmosis system provides the maximum output when the system is fed with 77° F water. DeltaPac is easy to install and maintain.

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With 30 years of dedicated HVAC experience, Delta T Solutions has installed 4,000-plus hydronic heating systems in the last 10 years. For more information contact us at (800) 552-5058.


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