Get Greater Flexibility With Perimeter Heat
Perimeter heating systems can be added to just about any greenhouse and allow for frequent changes in bench configuration, as well as numerous other benefits.

by Michael Kovalycsik, National Sales & Marketing Director, Delta T Solutions


Delat T Greenhouse Perimeter Heating Perimeter heat is ideal for greenhouse retrofits, because it can be added to virtually any structure after construction.

When it comes to greenhouse heating, most growers likely think about forced-air, radiant floor or under-bench systems. But depending on your needs, perimeter heating could be a viable option to consider.

Mounted around the perimeter or under the gutter of the greenhouse, perimeter heating, such as the DELTA-FIN™ SF high-output heating system, puts out enough energy to heat a greenhouse range, melt snow from gutters or supplement an under-bench heating system. It works by channeling hot water at temperatures of up to 230°F through the finned pipe, heating the air around the tube to distribute the warmth via natural convection. Depending on the heating load of the greenhouse, multiple loops may be employed.


  • It is ideal for retrofits, because it can be added to virtually any greenhouse any time after construction.

  • It allows for complex or unusual benching arrangements.

  • It allows for frequent changes in benching or removal of benches.

Perimeter heating systems are especially advantageous for greenhouses that have extreme heat loads, as well as greenhouses where air temperatures are as important as soil temperatures. But, these systems can be beneficial for just about any operation. Perimeter heat works very effectively in conjunction with other heating radiation, such as heated concrete floors or bench heat systems. In these instances, it helps by melting snow, augmenting the radiant bench or floor heat.

Delta T Solutions has designed and manufactured customized heating solutions for greenhouse growers using hydronic (hot water radiant) heat for 30 years. To learn more about cost-effective in-ground bench and perimeter heating systems; high-efficiency boiler systems; and other systems that improve crop health, contact Delta T at 800-552-5058 or email


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