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Need to Know greenhouse Product Spotlight:

Why Nationally Rated Products are Important

Radiant Heating

Our DELTA-FIN™ SF high output aluminum finned pipe system is starting the process to become nationally rated through the Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI).
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3 Reasons Growers
Love Floor Heat

Radiant floor heat improves plant health and saves energy.

hydroponicsWinter days are short but the nights are long, and when those long, cold nights begin, it's not just the temperature that drops. If you don't have an efficient, sustainable heating solution to heat your greenhouse operation, your profits suffer — and so could your crops.

With a conventional, forced air heating system, heat rises, so crops grown on the ground often suffer cooler temperatures than those grown on benches. Plus, heat from conventional sources is known to escape through the greenhouse roof, which is essentially equivalent to throwing money out the window.

Conversely, in-floor radiant heating using hydronic or hot water heat systems efficiently heats the greenhouse from the floor up, keeping the heat close to plant roots, which in turn improves plant health for more established roots and uniform crops.

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Regulations greenhouse

There's An App For That
Growers are using mobile applications more often for a variety of production reasons.

Whether you have an IPhone or an Android, we're sure you've found plenty of ways to use mobile applications (apps) for your greenhouse operation. Aside from the always important mobile phone function that allows growers and managers on the run to keep in touch with home base, there is a myriad of mobile apps geared specifically for agriculture and horticulture.

Grower Jeff Mast of Banner Greenhouses in Nebo, NC, says he is a new passenger on the technology super highway, but he's already found a few apps he can't live without in production.
"I've only had an iPhone for a few months and I'm still learning about this high tech stuff! But I do use several apps regularly."

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