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Need to Know arrow Grower Energy Survey:

How do you maximize energy use?

What measures are you taking to weatherproof your greenhouses this winter? We’d like to know your most effective practices.

  • Conducting an energy audit
  • Annual heating system maintenance
  • Check boilers and pumps for leaks
  • Replacing weather seals and patching holes in coverings
  • Calibrating thermostat
  • Cleaning greenhouse gutters
  • Using energy curtains
  • Using thermal blankets
  • Adding coverings
  • Adding a greenhouse subroof
  • Upgrading heating system
  • Using rigid board insulation
  • Reducing greenhouse temperatures
  • Drain and clean pad system
  • Construct overwintering greenhouse
  • Using flue gas condenser

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5 Ways to
Control Your Costs

Keep expenses from shrinking your bottom line.

LettuceIt’s the first rule of business: spend less than you make. But many growers aren’t careful to keep costs in check, and end up letting out-of-control expenses eat up their profits and more. Here are some ideas you can use to avoid that mistake.

1. Cut Expenses
Determine where you spend your operation’s money. If you don’t know where money is going, you are most likely spending too much. You can get a solid idea in as little as one month and as you continue, you’ll see patterns develop that you can address. Record everything you buy down to the last dollar. Include all of the obvious things like property mortgages and taxes, rent, utilities, gasoline, production inputs, employee salaries and insurance, but don’t forget any monthly ancillary items such as sponsorships or contract fees.

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Maintenance Tipsarrow

Fine-Tune for Efficiency

BoilersRegular system maintenance is necessary to ensure that heating components are effective and efficient. A 1/8-inch layer of soot can increase fuel use by 10 percent. If you do not have a regular system maintenance program in place, work with your equipment supplier to design a customized program.Meanwhile, take these steps to increase the efficiency of most systems.

1.Flush boilers to remove scale and deposits.
2.Check the burner combustion efficiency of unit heaters and boilers with a flue gas analysis kit.
3. Clean heat exchangers with a wire brush and vacuum with a special cleaning compound.
4. Repair or replace malfunctioning steam traps.
5. Check insulation on steam and hot water pipes located outside the greenhouse.
6. Clean fan blades to get original air output and check jet tubes for leaks.


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