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Filtrexx® GardenSoxx®

Filtrexx GardenSoxx

Filtrexx® Agricultural Systems provide a renewable way to increase yields.
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Where Do You Rank?

Quantifying your sustainable practices doesn't have to cost you anything. It's just good business.

SD EPDM Rubber TubeHow green are you? That's the question that consumers — and by extension, retailers — are posing to growers who supply their food. And whether we like it or not, growers are having to answer these concerns by quantifying their level of green practices through sustainability assessments, certifications and a possible national standard.

The process is still voluntary, but looking at the area of food safety as an example, it's likely that sustainable practices may one day become regulated or mandatory. For now, sustainability is market-driven among retailers, which is motivation enough for most growers to stay competitive.

Defining Sustainability
The agriculture industry has gone to great lengths to develop an acceptable definition of sustainability and, let's face it, we're still not quite there yet.

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Dealing With Winter Extremes
Growers hit by extreme cold and massive snowstorms could benefit from using bottom heat year-round.

BoilersFreezing cold temperatures in Yuma, Ariz., took out leafy greens crops and damaged melons, causing a shortage of leafy greens and higher vegetable prices for consumers. Cold weather conditions in other parts of the Southwestern U.S., Florida and Mexico in early February have resulted in produce shortages and higher prices for bell peppers, squash and other winter vegetables. Heavy snow loads in Connecticut have collapsed at least 200 structures, with damages exceeding $1 million. It hasn't been determined how many plants in the structures will survive.

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