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How to Reduce
Your Runoff


Control stormwater runoff and improve water quality at your greenhouse operation with compost-filled Filtrexx® SiltSoxx®.
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Get Water-Wise
It's worth your while to become well-versed on water quality standards and regulations.

Water WiseWater quality is all over the news these days. From investigations into bottled water content to the aftermath of the tragic earthquake and tsunami events in Japan that caused potential plutonium leaks into the water supply, people are scared. This growing concern about water quality, added to the problems of drought and water availability, climate change and population growth, presents a significant pressure to agricultural producers to make water quality management a high priority. Growers can both conserve water and reduce pollution by adopting water recycling measures with the help of many available resources and industry organizations.

Why Water? Why Now?
Stormwater runoff from agricultural fields and greenhouse operations has been found to contain high concentrations of organic waste, fertilizer, pesticides and soil that can leave your property. When these materials wash into local waters, they poison fish and contaminate the water supply, in addition to other environmental detriments like blocking light transmission, lowering water temperature, reducing the amount of water that soaks into the ground, and inhibiting photosynthesis.

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Q&A Hot Topics

Are You Ready
For Water Quality Regulations?

Dr. Craig KolodgeWe caught up with Dr. Craig Kolodge, Director of Business Development with Summit Erosion Control in Poway, CA, to gain some insight on recent developments in water quality laws and how growers can best implement measures in their operations to safeguard the water supply.

1. DTS:Why should growers pay attention to water quality in their operations?

Kolodge: At a recent Sustainable Urban Landscaping conference at Cuyamaca College in south San Diego County, Glen Schmidt, a local landscape architect and member of the San Diego American Society of Landscape Architects Water Committee, presented information indicating that the cost of water in the region will increase by 194% over the next seven years.

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