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Need to Know Greenhouse Heating

Pay Attention to Vapor-Pressure
Deficit for Healthier Crops

Understanding vapor-pressure deficit can help growers more accurately predict plant water loss.

Greenhouse Plants, image courtesy of iStock Photo
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Growers know it's important to pay attention to humidity in the greenhouse, but a more appropriate measurement -- vapor-pressure deficit (VPD) -- is often overlooked.

"VPD is the difference between the amount of moisture in the air and how much moisture the air could potentially hold when it is saturated," explains Michigan State University Extension Educator Heidi Wollaeger.

Relative humidity, which is more commonly used when considering the greenhouse environment, is dependent on temperature. "For every increase of 20° F, the water holding capacity doubles," says Wollaeger.

But, VPD can tell a grower a lot more about the greenhouse environment than relative humidity can.

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Best Practices Greenhouse Grower Profile

Warm Water Irrigation Saves Energy
Heated irrigation water prevents thermal shock and reduces fuel consumption in the greenhouse.

Greenhouse flooding

Growers go to great lengths to make sure they're heating their greenhouses as efficiently as possible. But, there's one important factor that’s often overlooked: irrigation water temperature.

Heating a greenhouse but not heating your irrigation water wastes energy. Not only can irrigating plants with frigid water lead to thermal shock, extra fuel is required to reheat the plants after watering with cold water.

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Product Spotlight Greenhouse Heating Products

Complete System Offers High-Output Heating Solution
Highly durable, the specially engineered DELTA-FIN™ SF High-Output Heating System heats greenhouses via natural convection.

Delta-Fin SF

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