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Save Labor and Water With Flood Floors


Delta T Solutions offers sub-irrigation options to fit any grower's needs.
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Three Tips for Making Smart Heating Decisions
Knowledge is power when it comes to choosing the right greenhouse heating system for your operation.

greenhouse vegetables and herbs
Heating is one of the most important components of a greenhouse operation, and when it comes time to update your system, it's important to do it right. Talking to experts and others in the industry before you invest can be extremely beneficial in helping you make the right greenhouse heating decisions.

Avoid Common Heating Mistakes
One of the biggest mistakes growers can make is to design and supply their heating systems themselves, which can result in errors in sizing and in equipment choices. For example, a grower might buy a high-efficiency condensing boiler when he's running a high-temperature system. Because a condensing boiler only runs high efficiency at low temperatures, the grower has wasted money on high-efficiency equipment he won't actually benefit from ...

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Best Practices Delta T

Heating Tune-Up Checklist
Follow these steps to make sure your greenhouse heating system is ready to go when the temperature drops.

With winter approaching, growers will want to be sure their greenhouse heating systems are in tip-top shape and ready to fire up for the heating season. John Bartok, University of Connecticut extension professor emeritus & agricultural engineer, recommends having a competent service person clean and adjust all greenhouse boilers and furnaces at least annually. Performing proper maintenance in the fall can help reduce the risk of heating systems malfunctioning when you need them most. Here's Bartok's checklist for proper heating system upkeep ...

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