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Need to Know Greenhouse Product Spotlight

Complete System Offers High-Output Heating Solution


Highly durable, the specially engineered DELTA-FIN™ SF High-Output Heating System heats greenhouses via natural convection.
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March 3-4, 2015, Raymond, MS

Improve Water Quality for Healthier Plants
If plant health is suffering in your greenhouse, the water could be to blame. Follow these steps to ensure your water is up to par.

greenhouse water qualityWe all know water plays a critical role in crop health, but even if you’ve got your irrigation timing and techniques down to a T, plants can still suffer if your water quality is lacking.

Some symptoms of poor water quality can include slow growth, poor aesthetic quality and even gradual death of the plants, according to a UMass Extension fact sheet. The first step to ensuring your water is up to par is to have it tested in a laboratory.

Factors that affect water quality include alkalinity, pH and soluble salts, but it’s also important to be aware of hard water, which can contain excess magnesium and calcium. Soluble salts, for example, can interfere with nutrient and water uptake, and salts can also accumulate in leaves, causing burning around the edges. High-alkaline water can impact the pH levels in the soil, causing nutrient deficiencies.

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Best Practices Greenhouse

Spend Now, Save Later
After investing in high-efficiency boilers, Matt Goff is confident he’ll reap the benefits in savings

Editors’ note:  Good operating practices seldom change, and that’s why we thought it was worth revisiting this  earlier grower profile from the October 2010 issue of Hot Topics.

Matt Goff PROFILE: Matt Goff, Operations & Maintenance Manager, Gritt’s Midway Greenhouse, Red House, W.V.

MARKET: Gritt’s Midway Greenhouse produces and sells hydroponic tomatoes and cucumbers, bedding plants and blooming potted plants to Kroger grocery stores in four Mid-Atlantic zones. It also sells its blooming potted plants, tropical foliage, and dish gardens to florists within a 150 mile radius in West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio, and operates its own retail store.

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