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Fusion Condensing Boilers

Fusion Boilers

Greenhouse producers of all sizes will benefit from high thermal efficiency condensing boilers, while maximizing growing space.
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» Produce Marketing Association
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January 5-7, 2011, Baltimore, MD

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January 17-19, 2011, Sandusky, OH

January 24-26, 2011, Columbus, OH


The Future Of Food

Greenhouse producers play an important role in safely feeding the world's burgeoning population.

CucumbersIn response to highly publicized food outbreaks, the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act recently passed the U.S. House and is currently stalled in the Senate. The proposed legislation would give the U.S. Food & Drug Administration the power to recall food when it posed a danger to health and safety, and it would require the agency to inspect all high-risk food processors at least once a year. According to a July 2010 poll by Consumers Union, 80 percent of Americans want new food safety legislation passed quickly.

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Spend Now, Save Later
After investing in high-efficiency boilers, Matt Goff is confident he’ll reap the benefits in savings.

Matt GoffPROFILE: Matt Goff, Operations & Maintenance Manager, Gritt’s Midway Greenhouse, Red House, W.V.

MARKET: Gritt’s Midway Greenhouse produces and sells hydroponic tomatoes and cucumbers, bedding plants and blooming potted plants to Kroger grocery stores in four Mid-Atlantic zones. It also sells its blooming potted plants, tropical foliage, and dish gardens to florists within a 150 mile radius in West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio, and operates its own retail store.

GROWING AREA: Total growing area encompasses approximately 8 acres in 20 houses; our newest being the 1.5-acre hydroponic tomato greenhouse. We utilize our old three-quarter acre hydroponic greenhouse for bedding plants, blooming potted plants and hydroponic tomatoes and cucumbers.

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