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Five Products That Will Help You Reach Your 2012 Resolutions


Delta T Solutions' best sellers of 2011 help growers solve problems in their operations.

This year is off to a fast start, as all new years are, but there’s plenty of time to make changes to meet your goals. And if your resolutions include saving on energy costs, reducing energy use, becoming more sustainable and improving plant health, Delta T Solutions can help you with all of those, with one or two simple changes in your heating systems.

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Six Top Trends to Watch in 2012
We take a look at the biggest things happening now in horticulture and why they are important to the industry.

SolarOnly one month into 2012 and it's already clear that this is a year like no other. Business owners are putting new plans into place, addressing old challenges and trying to head off new ones.

Horticulture has some big changes in store this year, following several trends. And then there are the constant variables of the economy, weather, labor and technology, which can make or break the spring growing and sales season.

At Delta T Solutions, we are affected by these trends almost as much as growers are, and in your interest and ours, we will continue to keep watch on these and other important events impacting the industry. Meanwhile, here is our take on the biggest trends for 2012.

While last year was a year of extremes, the opposite is true in 2012, with some of the mildest weather on record. Still, weather will continue to be one of the biggest hindrances or contributors to a successful growing season. Read about some great resources in "Predicting The Weather" below.

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Regional Focus Hot Topics

Predicting The Weather
With such extremes from 2011 to now, how will the weather measure up in 2012?

Grace DinsdaleLast year went down in history as one of the wettest years on record, with record precipitation in some parts of the country, while other areas suffered severe drought and, as a consequence, endured business-threatening water bans. Add to that extreme cold last winter, coupled with high temperatures this summer, and 2011 measured up to be a year of, well, extremes.

Surely it can't be that different in 2012, yet here we are, in the midst of one of the mildest winters on record, with very little snow, warm temperatures and unseasonable rainfall and thunderstorms. One has to wonder: what gives? How will the rest of the year shake out, weather-wise?

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