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Need to Know Greenhouse Product Spotlight

Condensing Boilers Save Energy and Space

Futera Fusion Condensing Boilers

Futera Fusion boilers are up to 15% more efficient than standard atmospheric boilers.
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Sustainability Saves Money
Research shows consumers are willing to pay more for sustainably grown crops, and the latest greenhouse equipment and technological advancements can help growers reduce their environmental footprint.

greenhouse sustainability

Sustainability can be tough to define, but for growers, the concept is actually quite simple. “Sustainably grown plants meet the needs of both the grower and the consumer without using excessive inputs, and not compromising future producers or users,” says Dr. Lois Berg Stack, University of Maine Extension Specialist in Ornamental Horticulture and Professor of Sustainable Agriculture.

In 2008, Stack, along with colleague Stephanie Burnett and a graduate student, surveyed consumers to find out if they were interested in organically grown, sustainably grown and locally grown plants. One of the objectives was to find out if consumers would be willing to pay a premium for both ornamental and edible plants grown in these ways. “We found that people were more interested in organically and sustainably grown plants than in locally grown plants, but they valued all three types of production enough that they would pay 15% more for food plants (vegetables, herbs) and 10% more for ornamental plants, compared to what they would pay for conventionally grown plants,” Stack says.

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Best Practices Greenhouse

5 Steps for Diagnosing Plant Health Problems
Follow these tips to get to the root of greenhouse disease, pest and nutrition issues quickly.

Diagnose Plant Health

Greenhouse growing is complex. Not only do growers have to pay close attention to water, light, fertilizer, temperature and a host of other factors necessary to maintain healthy plants – they have to be able to spot and resolve plant health issues quickly when they do arise.

Because there are so many diseases, nutritional factors and pests than can plague greenhouse crops, having a method for diagnosing problems is paramount. This will allow you to determine the problem and work to resolve it before it’s too late.

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