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Bench Heat: 6 Things to Know
Bench heat offers energy savings and healthier plants.

Bench heat

Providing even warmth in the root zone has proven benefits, including quicker turns and reduced energy use. But, it’s difficult to achieve this type of even heat at the soil level using traditional unit heaters. With hydronic bench heat, water is circulated through tubes installed on top of or under benches, providing beneficial warmth at the root zone.

Fuel prices are low, and now can be a great time to invest in a bench heating system. The money you’re saving on today’s energy bills can help fund the investment of the new system, so you’ll be prepared with an energy-efficient heating solution when fuel prices do increase again.

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Grower Profile Greenhouse Grower Profile

High Efficiency Growing
By updating his greenhouse systems, John Urbanowicz saves 40% to 50% on heating costs.

Urban Growers

Urban Growers sells to wholesale and retail customers generally within a 45-mile radius of its operation in northeastern Ohio, the home to long, cold winters that can cause significant heating challenges.

"If you want to have a long-term business, it’s important to think about and understand your heating costs, says Urbanowicz. "You need to know how you heat your crops and realize that to grow good quality plants and be efficient, you need to make an investment in the right heating system."

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Product Spotlight Greenhouse Heating Products

Control Humidity for Healthier Crops
Get precise humidity and cooling control for consistent and healthy crops with the Delta T Solutions DeltaCool™ chilled water cooling system.

Bench Heat

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