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Need to Know Arrows Product Spotlight:

Variable Flow Heating


Design a multiple zone heating system with two-way control valves and single or multiple pumps to provide only the necessary flow for the heating zones in use.

This will reduce the overall electrical consumption of your heating system therefore reducing your electrical costs, while providing precision temperature control for healthier plant growth.
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Biomass Boilers
Read about the advantages of biomass (or alternate fuel) boilers on the Internet and you’ll find articles explaining the economic and environmental upsides. However, few actually get down to the practical, dollars-and-cents side of the process.

Many growers want to cut energy costs, and are considering a biomass system. Simply stated, biomass uses natural fuels to generate heat. These fuels might be:

• Wood cuttings, trimmings, wood chips, sawdust, etc.
• Paper/cardboard waste
• Agricultural waste (shells, husks, crop waste)
• Dedicated crops (corn, trees, grasses)
• Animal waste, or other materials

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Grower Profile Arrows

High Efficiency Growing
By updating his greenhouse systems, John Urbanowicz saves 40% to 50% on heating costs.

John UrbanowiczPROFILE: John Urbanowicz, Owner/Operator, Urban Growers LLC, Burton, Ohio

MARKET MIX: 80% Wholesale, 20% Retail, Bedding plants

GROWING AREA: Total 95,000 sq. ft. (indoor and outdoor)

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