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Maximize Efficiency With Variable Frequency Drive Technology


Maximize Efficiency With Variable Frequency Drive Technology.
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Considering Alternative Fuels
Will a sustainable energy solution be the answer to help your operation combat budget-busting fuel prices? Here are important things to consider before you make a decision.

SolarRecord oil prices are making everyone nervous this year, including growers recalling a brutal winter and immersed in an abnormally wet spring.  It’s natural to start looking for alternative energy sources to replace or at least augment conventional systems and help save money on fuel.

Investing in sustainable energy systems will put greenhouse operations ahead of the game by meeting your needs now, without compromising our world’s natural resources. Sustainable energy includes all renewable energy sources like solar, wind, geothermal and biomass energy, as well as technologies that improve energy efficiency.

To help you decide if sustainable energy is feasible for your operation, we’ve taken a look at the realities of several popular sustainable solutions, including return on investment, benefits and drawbacks.

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Grower Profile Hot Topics

Heat From The Heavens
Solar thermal panels heat Blooming Nursery’s hydronic heating system, revolutionizing the operation’s energy profile.

Grace DinsdalePROFILE: Grace Dinsdale, founder/owner of Blooming Nursery, Inc., Cornelius, OR

MARKET MIX: “We are strictly wholesale: 85% is finished material for independent garden centers. We also sell liners to growers across the country, bare root material to other growers and finished material to landscapers and re-wholesalers.”

GROWING AREA: 275,000 square feet of covered greenhouse space and 4 acres of outside production yards, in addition to field production.


  • Conley Arched sawtooth (gutter connect)
  • Harnois Nordiques, Ovaltechs, Roll-a-Peak
  • Cravo Gable roofed gutter connected houses; two flat-roofed Crovos
  • Lots of coldframes

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