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Need to Know Greenhouse Product Spotlight:

DELTA-FIN All-Aluminum Piping Offers Countless Benefits


Delta T Solutions' finned pipe heating system offers exceptional heat transfer capabilities and precision control.
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Diversify with Veggies
Home vegetable gardening is hot, and ornamental growers have a unique opportunity to tap into this growing trend.

greenhouse vegetables and herbsMore consumers are realizing that nothing beats homegrown veggies. According to recent research from Today's Garden Center magazine, 78% of garden centers saw a significant increase in sales of edibles and vegetables over the last year. Of the 21 categories included in the study, edibles transplants ranked No. 6 in sales. For some consumers, growing their own food is a matter of frugality; for others, it's sustainability. But whatever the reason, this new generation of home veggie gardeners creates a unique opportunity for ornamental growers to branch into edible plant production. But, you must be willing to commit and learn as much as you can before investing time and resources into the endeavor, notes Tina Smith of the UMass Extension Greenhouse Crops and Floriculture Program.

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Best Practices Delta T

Avoid Common
Heating Problems

Don't let these common greenhouse heating problems leave you in the cold.

Proper heating is one of the most important components of a successful greenhouse business. That's why a problem with a heating system can mean disaster for growers. Here's a look at some of the most common greenhouse heating problems and ways to avoid them.

Improper Maintenance
One of the best ways to ensure a healthy lifespan for your heating system is to perform proper maintenance. Often, growers get so busy during peak season, maintenance gets pushed to the back burner. "In my experience talking to growers who have had heating unit failures, they'll sometimes admit that it's been two or three years since they actually looked at the unit," says Paul Thomas, professor of floriculture at the University of Georgia.

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