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Keying in on Proper Humidity for Cannabis Growing
Learn why more cannabis growers are choosing DeltaCool™ Fan Coils.

greenhouse humidity

Colorado cannabis breeder Rare Dankness recently gutted a warehouse facility for a $10 million renovation, which now has 54,000 square feet for growing and operations. Part of the upgrade, along with adding a second floor that doubled the space from its initial 27,000 square feet, was an upgrade of the HVAC system from the traditional RTU style unit with ducting to a 500-ton chiller unit with Delta T Fan Coils and system design.

A Cleaner Operation

"Traditionally it has been RTU style units that have ducting with return air in every room, but you risk cross-contamination from multiple rooms. The way the Delta T systems work is we don't use any ducting," explains grower Scott Reach. "Each room is sealed."

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FAQs Greenhouse Grower Profile

The 411 on MMJ
Find out the answers to all your biggest questions when it comes to starting a MMJ operation.


Are you looking into starting a medical or recreational marijuana growing operation, but aren’t sure how to do it? Because our products are specially designed for indoor growing of all types, we hear a lot of questions. Below we’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions about MMJ, and answered them for you.

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Product Spotlight Greenhouse Heating Products

A Better Way to Control Humidity Precisely
DeltaCool™ Fan Coils allow growers greater control over cooling and humidity levels while operating more efficiently.

Infinite Energy 2

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