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Need to Know Greenhouse Heating

Estimate Production Costs
with Free Online Tool

Michigan State University offers a free, online, horticulture-focused tool to collect, organize and analyze your financial data.

by Michael Kovalycsik, National Sales & Marketing Director, Delta T Solutions

Estimate Greenhouse Production Costs

'Tis the season to reflect backward and plan forward. And that means making a comprehensive examination of business financials. As the adage goes:  You can't manage what you don't measure.

To manage for improved profitability and productivity you need to understand your entire greenhouse operation, says Thomas A. Dudek, Senior Extension Horticulture Educator Greenhouse and Nursery Crops from Michigan State University’s Extension (MSUE)-Ottawa County.

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Best Practices Greenhouse Grower Profile

Prepare for the Wrath of Winter
Winter Greenhouse Prep

Mother Nature has been messing with us. The weather has been inconsistent with seasonal averages this year. Moderate temperatures shouldn't lull us into complacency. Winter may show up in fits and starts, but it will have moments of intensity.

Take time now to do preventive maintenance on your heating system. Without maintenance, systems are less efficient and may even shut down. That could be hard on your budget or disastrous to your crops. With maintenance you can decrease fuel use and improve efficiency. And, you can rest easier this winter.

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Product Spotlight Greenhouse Heating Products

Warm Water Irrigation System

The DELTA-TEMP™ warm water irrigation systems were developed to heat irrigation water from 35°F up to 70°F, which prevents plant thermal shock and eliminates the need to bring the plants back up to temperature after irrigating. This in turn promotes healthier plants.

ebb and flow watering

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Resources Greenhouse Resources

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