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Need to Know greenhouse Product Spotlight:

Complete System Offers High-Output Heating Solution


Highly durable, the specially engineered DELTA-FIN™ SF High-Output Heating System heats greenhouses via natural convection.
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Do You Have a Greenhouse Heating Dead Zone?
Follow these tips for recognizing and rectifying greenhouse heating dead zones before they eat away at your profits.

Are some plants in your greenhouse thriving while others are struggling? If so, a greenhouse heating dead zone could be to blame. Greenhouse heating dead zones are areas within the structure that aren't receiving adequate heat or heat consistent with the greenhouse's target temperature – and they're a relatively common problem. Causes of heating dead zones vary, but they're commonly a result of inadequate radiation, poor radiation placement and/or poor or limited air movement.

Symptoms of greenhouse heating dead zones:

  • Areas in the greenhouse are not warming up like other parts of the house
  • Crops in one area of the house are struggling while others are thriving
  • Areas in the greenhouse remain consistently wet or damp

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Best Practices greenhouse

Get Greater Flexibility With Perimeter Heat
Perimeter heating systems can be added to just about any greenhouse and allow for frequent changes in bench configuration, as well as numerous other benefits.

When it comes to greenhouse heating, most growers likely think about forced-air, radiant floor or under-bench systems. But depending on your needs, perimeter heating could be a viable option to consider.

Mounted around the perimeter or under the gutter of the greenhouse, perimeter heating, such as the DELTA-FIN™ SF high-output heating system, puts out enough energy to heat a greenhouse range, melt snow from gutters or supplement an under-bench heating system ...

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