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Need to Know Greenhouse Product Spotlight

Lower Energy Bills With DELTA-FIN TF2 Bench Heat

SD and LD EPDM Heating Systems

Under-bench heat allows you to lower air temperature in the greenhouse, improving energy efficiency.
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Greenhouse Glazing For Improved Efficiency
The glazing you choose can make a big difference in your energy bill and the uniformity of your crops.

greenhouse glazings

With winter fast approaching, you want to make sure your heating system is up to par, but it’s also a good time to think about greenhouse glazings. The right glazing can help ensure the heat you’re paying for is actually staying inside the greenhouse and reaching your plants.

Choosing the Right Material

Plastic films are most commonly used for commercial greenhouse glazing, according to the National Greenhouse Manufacturers Association (NGMA), and that includes polycarbonate, ethylene vinyl acetate, polyethylene and acrylic films, among others.

Acrylic is the most weatherable, and it also has the highest light transmission of the clear multi-wall panels, allowing for greater energy efficiency. In addition, it’s shatter resistant and not affected by UV rays.

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Best Practices Greenhouse

Button Up For Energy Savings
Reduce energy costs by putting these energy-saving methods in practice at your greenhouse operation.

Greenhouse Energy Savings Editors’ note: Good operating practices seldom change, and we realized that when we reviewed this earlier article from the November 2010 issue of Hot Topics.

When the mercury drops and the winter winds start to howl, it’s time to assess the heating situation in your greenhouse operation. High energy costs and a growing responsibility to use energy more efficiently are leading growers to investigate current energy use and find more efficient methods. With significant research, both at universities and in private industry, many growers cannot afford to remain stagnant with existing, aging heating systems. Take the time to examine and seal up your greenhouses this winter to improve your bottom line.

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