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Maximize Cannabis Production with the Right Environmental Control System
Ensuring that the proper environmental control system is installed for indoor cannabis growing can minimize disease- and production-related issues and optimize growth.

By David Kuack

Take your cannabis operation to the next level

Russ Zabel, general manager at Delta T Solutions in Temecula, Calif., said most indoor cannabis growers are trying to design a room to optimize growth. Zabel, who has worked with both greenhouse growers and indoor growers, said that regardless of the type of crop, whether cannabis, tomatoes or chrysanthemums, each grower produces their plants differently.

"Even though the life cycles may be different between cannabis, vegetables and ornamental plants, growers are still using a substrate and a fertilizer," he said.

What is different is how they are producing the crops.

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Optimize Cannabis Growth with Controlled Under-Bench Heating

DeltaCool™ fan coils

Seasoned cannabis growers know that under-bench heating offers unparalleled precision for indoor-growing operations looking to cultivate a healthy, high-yield cannabis crop. An efficient and cost-effective growing solution, under-bench heating is customizable and provides warmth at the root zone to promote accelerated rooting and germination. Bench heat also allows for a more uniform heat pattern compared to unit heaters, helping to dry soil faster to reduce incidences of fungal disease.

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