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Constant Pressure, Constant Results

Constant Pressure System
With the spring season upon us, make sure your irrigation systems are in top shape, and plants are getting adequate water flow with a Constant Pressure System.
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Rain, Rain, Come Again
Sick of “water politics?” Beef up your water resources with a commercial rainwater harvesting system.

Flood IrrigationRainwater harvesting isn’t just for gardeners anymore. Growers are putting large-scale, commercial systems in place to ensure their water resources stay plentiful, without having to deal with all the red tape that inevitably comes with water restrictions from local municipalities and states.

Rainwater harvesting (RWH) is a method of collecting rainwater from the roofs of buildings or other catchment surfaces and sending it to storage for future use. Because rainwater is as yet a free resource and typically one of high quality and nutrition, growers are seeing benefits to installing harvesting systems.

Putting A System In Place
What’s a better structure for collecting rainwater than a commercial greenhouse? With high, angled roofs and gutter systems already in place, not to mention existing retention ponds at many locations and irrigation systems at the ready to use this high-quality water source, rainwater harvesting makes perfect sense for commercial horticulture.

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Q&A Hot Topics

Treat Your Water Right
We caught up with Dr. Paul Fisher, associate professor and Extension specialist at University of Florida and the Water Education Alliance For Horticulture, to learn about the benefits of water treatment and how growers can get started with water treatment systems in their operations to safeguard the water supply.

Dr. Paul FisherQ. Why is it important for growers to treat water used for irrigating plant crops?

A: If growers are recirculating water to try to conserve the amount of water they use, there is great potential for plant pathogens. That's the main reason people treat water. Other reasons are if they are using a river or pond water, it is more likely to be contaminated with microbes, algae and plant pathogens. Other issues can be algae covering floors and soil, leading to problems with shoreflies, and biofilm, in which organisms are living within equipment of irrigation. Some growers treat water for physical problems like suspended solids (grit, sand), or to control chemical issues like water alkalinity, pH and electrical conductivity.

It is common for growers to run into biological, physical or chemical issues and they have enough problems growing crops and making a living without water being an issue.

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