Mobile Apps Help You Improve Efficiency
New technology can help you diagnose plant problems and determine how to treat them — from the palm of your hand.

by Michael Kovalycsik, National Sales & Marketing Director, Delta T Solutions

Nearly 60% of American adults have a smartphone, according to Pew Research, and many of us can’t imagine life without them. But mobile devices are good for more than just texting and Facebook. Smartphones can be valuable tools for helping you run a more efficient and profitable business, thanks to a number of apps created just for greenhouse growers. Here’s a look at just a handful.


Created by Tina Smith of the University of Massachusetts and Leanne Pundt of the University of Connecticut, this app is a pest management reference guide for commercial greenhouse growers. The site can be accessed here and can be used with your browser on a smartphone or other mobile device. The app includes options for using biological controls and pesticides for a wide range of pests, including aphids, mealybugs, thrips and whiteflies, to name a few.


You might be familiar with this publication as a paper poster available through the Michigan State University Extension, but it is now accessible electronically. The app is a reference guide for commercial pesticides approved for use in greenhouses, listed by pest. On the main screen you’ll find a list of common greenhouse pests, and when you select one, a list of greenhouse-approved pesticides labeled for that pest appears alphabetically. You can then click on each pesticide to learn more about the product. The app can be accessed here or downloaded from your app store on your mobile device.


Growers that invest in energy-saving upgrades, such as efficient under-bench radiant heating systems, may be eligible for federal grant money.
The Insect Controls for the Greenhouse Industry app allows users to choose a pest (left). After choosing the pest, a list of approved products to treat it appears on your screen (right).



This app, designed by the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension’s Cheryl Smith and Brian Krug, includes a pull-down menu of common greenhouse diseases. When you select the disease affecting your plants, the app provides a list of fungicides approved for treating that disease. You can then select each product to learn more about it, including appropriate dosages, timing and other important information. The app can be accessed here.


Available from Biobest, this app provides guidelines for safely integrating biological controls and pollinators with crop protection products. More information is available here, and the app can be downloaded from iTunes or the Google Play Store.


This app allows growers to choose a diagnostic lab they want to submit samples to. Through the app, you can submit symptoms affecting your plants and email up to six digital photos to the diagnostician. UConn, Purdue, University of New Hampshire, Ohio State University, Auburn University, University of Illinois, University of Kentucky, and Michigan State University all participate in the app program, and any plant/plant health problem can be submitted. The app can be downloaded from iTunes.

Have a favorite greenhouse growing or operation app you’d like to share? Contact us below. We’ll review and add it to our list for an upcoming article.

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