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Greenhouse Heating Frequently Asked Questions

Heating and water management systems are a big investment, so it's important to get it right. Here are some frequently asked questions our horticultural customers ask:

Q. What are some of the benefits of root zone heating?
A. This method heats the plant directly and not the air above it. Therefore, you'll have less need for watering (and less disease). It also helps build a stronger and more enhanced root base.


“The Delta T Solutions zone heating system is incredible. The product we installed consists of 3/16 diameter rubber tubes that we lay on the bench every two inches. We maintain a 72-degree temperature plant zone in a 60-degree greenhouse, so having a system that works as well as the Delta T system works is crucial. The system places the heat right on the root zone. In the two months since we installed it at one of our De Jong Greenhouses locations, we’ve run 350,000 plugs through it and its performance has been wonderful. It’s nice to finally get great products and service, which is what we get from Delta T.”

— Theo Van Den Broek, Production Management, De Jong Greenhouses, Pella, IA

Q. What does it cost to get my heat loss calculated or to get a quote for one of your heating systems?
A. Absolutely nothing! Your system is unique and we understand how important it is to match the right system to the situation, so we are happy to make these calculations for you.

Q. How much money could I possibly save on my energy costs by installing new or converting our current system to hot water heat?
A. Our experience has shown that clients can save approximately 30-40% of their energy costs, depending on the situation and fuel system used.

Q. Can I install the system myself?
A. Delta T Systems has designed all our components to be installed by the grower or end-user. We also supply detailed drawings that are project specific. And, we can do that work for you if you choose.

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