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Greenhouse heating can be complicated, and it's critical to get it right. We offer a variety of products that will work together to create an efficient and effective system for heating your crops. Once we analyze your operations, we will recommend which components are best for you:



Hot Water Radiant Heat Advantages


On the bench or on the greenhouse floor, Delta T’s radiant heating systems use hot water (hydronic) heat give the grower distinct advantages, including:

  • Accelerated rooting and plant growth
  • Up to a 40% fuel efficiency savings over conventional forced air heating
  • Reduced disease and improved plant quality
  • Flexibility to heat by zone, with soil and plant temperature control
  • Comfortable working environment


“We’re very pleased with the Delta T Solutions heating system. The RBI boiler is a 4-stage and has the ability to run quietly in the corner, but on cold nights, it really kicks in! Mahoney’s installed .177-inch EPDM tubes from Delta T. The evenness of the rooting is excellent – we don’t get dead strips down the middle of the trays like I have experienced with other hot water systems. This growing season, we’ve gained one week from stick to plant with the new system and we can turn more plugs. That’s really what this business is all about! The Delta T system is well designed, easy to install, and the technical support is always available and responsive.”

— Dan Cousins, Propagation Manager, Mahoney’s Growing Division,
Mahoney’s Rocky Ledge Farm, Woburn, MA



Delta T Engineered Heating Packages


Once we analyze your operations, Delta T engineers will recommend which components are best.  The systems typically include rubber or poly tube placed in concrete or under bench to deliver heat directly to plant roots. Heating packages can meet the needs of any grower and may include:

We manufacture our own components and partner with leading heating source suppliers to create customized systems. They may include a boiler, direct contact heat, indirect contact heat, heat exchangers, supplemental heat and piping.

Learn more about these products:

Do you know how much heat is needed for your greenhouse?  Our heat loss calculator can determine how much heat is being lost on a per-house basis.


“Over the years since I started this business, I always knew hot water heat was better.  I started out with forced air and as I expanded, converted over to hydronic heating.  It’s very efficient and results in better crops…With hydronic, it’s always warmer.  The systems don’t break down and we have seen significant energy savings and overall cost savings.”

— Eric Nelson, Owner, Neosho Gardens, Council Grove, KS

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Water Management Options


As water runoff and nutrient input costs become more important due to regulations, it is critical to manage your water system efficiently and effectively.  Delta T’s customized flood and bench, constant pressure, and warm water irrigation systems deliver clean water in the most effective way.  We will fine-tune your system to make sure your recycled water is clean, disease-free and of optimum quality for your crops. 

Our customized system may combine some of these components:

See what our customers say about Delta T’s heating and water solutions here.

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