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Cannabis Crops: Complete Environmental Control

Legalized growing of cannabis crops is expanding rapidly with an increasing number of states adopting cannabis-friendly legislation each year. Growers across the United States are exploring options to become licensed and begin production in greenhouse or indoor growing environments.

When growing cannabis crops, the goal is to produce healthy, high-quality plants in a consistent, controlled environment. Cannabis is a specialty crop that thrives in the right environment and may require precise humidity control for optimum health and production. Designing and integrating the proper growing system is critical to a crop’s success.

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Precise Cooling and Humidity Control Systems

We understand the heating and cooling needs of cannabis crops. Delta T Solutions designs, customizes, manufactures and integrates customized energy-efficient heating and cooling systems for specific growing environments. A proper cooling system, such as Delta T’s customizable DeltaCool™ Environmental System, is key to growing successful cannabis crops. Chilled water and fan coils provide required humidity levels while cooling — a critical factor for successful growing in both indoor facilities and greenhouses.

The DeltaCool™ Environmental System delivers the ideal conditions to ensure a consistent and healthy cannabis crop. Providing precise temperature and humidity regulation in a complete horticultural control system, this cooling solution uses a hydronic process that circulates water through a loop piping system. Circulator pumps force the water through a heat exchanger, and a fan draws warm air out, cooling it as it passes over the cold coils.

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Hydronic Heating from the Roots Up

The DeltaCool™ Environmental System also offers hot water (hydronic) radiant heat, which can be especially beneficial for growing cannabis. Delivering heat right to the plants on growing benches or on the floor, this customizable system is designed to consistently warm the soil right at the root level for healthier plants.

Hydronic radiant heat gives the grower significant advantages:

  • Controlled growing environment
  • Increased yields
  • Accelerated rooting and plant growth
  • Reduced disease and improved plant quality
  • Up to 40% fuel efficiency savings over forced air heating
  • Flexibility to heat by zone, plus soil and plant temperature control

Delta T Solutions: Expert Design & System Integration

Delta T Solutions works with horticultural consultants, greenhouse manufacturers and other industry professionals to create customized solutions for growing. Our engineers will collaborate with you to determine which components are best for your operation. Depending on your needs, your Environmental System may include on-ground or under bench systems to deliver just the right amount of cooling, heating, or humidity.

Heating and cooling packages may include:

  • DeltaCool™ chilled water cooling systems (under bench or hanging fan coils)
  • Heating system components (radiant heat system, heat sources, piping and controls)
  • Engineered drawings (pipe layouts and electrical diagrams)
  • Installation supervision or optional installation services
  • Digital controller system - regulate the growing climate from your PC

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